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“The retreat is a profound experience, described by participants as a ‘coming home, a ‘spiritual honeymoon’, a reawakening of love. Couples feel the impact whether they are together for three years or thirty years.”
Diana Richardson, creator of The Making Love Retreat®Living Love

Are you longing to connect more deeply while making love?

Are you loving the intimacy in your relationship and would just like to take it to the another level?

Or are you finding that it just feels like something is missing in the intimacy between you?

No matter how devoted you are to each other, if you’re not really connecting when it comes to making love, that lack of connection may affect so many other parts of your relationship.

There are different ways that this disconnection can show up in a relationship:

Perhaps one of you wants to make love but the other isn’t really interested. You just don’t seem to be on the same page.

Maybe it’s been a long time since the two of you have made love and you’re a bit timid about even going there.

Maybe, despite everything you’ve tried, lovemaking has never really satisfied either or both of you – and you just wish it could be different.

Or perhaps you are just too plain busy – you really love each other but there’s just not the time…

Whatever your specific circumstance, if the lovemaking between you and your partner is not what you had hoped it would be, we want to let you know that it doesn’t have to be that way.

And if it is, or has been, satisfying in the past and you are interested in rekindling or enhancing your experience of love, then this week will truly replenish.

You can connect with each other and transform the sexual experience into love.

You can make love in a way that honours and fulfills both of you – it is possible.

The Making Love Retreat® is for couples who want to deepen their connection with each other and their relationship and who want to bring more awareness and joy into their lovemaking.

And just to make it clear, there is no nudity or demonstrations during the retreat. It is a private couple experience, that is more about an approach, rather than technique.

“In this 6 day Retreat a couple is given a completely new insight into sex, and its function within a relationship. Most of the unhappiness experienced in love has its source in dissatisfaction with sex. When the real truth about sex is clarified, sex becomes a potentially healing force and not a potentially disruptive one.
Diana Richardson, creator of The Making Love Retreat® Living Love

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