As created by Diana Richardson, pioneer of the Slow Sex movement.

Recently I sat down with Shae Elise Allen from ‘Midlife Pleasure & Power’ for what was a beautifully dynamic and rich discussion about perimenopause.

Our combined enthusiasm for this topic provided an abundance of key information for women experiencing this transition.

Some of the areas we cover are:

  • Corporate sector stigma
  • Pleasure in midlife – what does that look like
  • The surprising by-product of presence
  • Understanding feminine power
  • Your personal renaissance – self care
  • Generating your own miracles
  • Midlife sex & intimacy

This conversation is inspired from my co-written book with Diana Richardson, Tantric Sex & Menopause, Practices for Spiritual & Sexual Renewal. Link to book here

I really love to see women who are approaching this subject with intelligence and insight. You can see more of Shae & Charlotte's work here