As created by Diana Richardson, pioneer of the Slow Sex movement.

The Retreat Experience


Diana Richardson and her husband Michael, leaders in the field of Conscious Loving and Sexuality, created The Making Love Retreat®. This powerful retreat has been run exclusively in Europe for more than 25 years and thousands of happy couples are testament to its success, from the ages of 18 - 80.

At The Making Love Retreat®, you and your partner will be gifted with 6 nights and days to soak in a revolutionary teaching about making love. You will discover new ways of being together and explore loving ways to deepen your connection.By giving yourself these 6 days in a beautiful, supportive and private environment, you will have the time and space to not only learn, but to integrate this understanding into your relationship. For women, you’ll get to reconnect with the feminine force that naturally resides in your body and to find a new place of safety and trust. For men, you will be able to let go of the burden of performance, understand, appreciate and integrate your role as a man, and learn to connect more with love. Things that were problems in the past tend to become insignificant with this new understanding.



Through the Making Love Retreat,
you can experience...



  • a deeper, more true connection with yourself and your partner
  • increased love, tenderness and trust between you
  • a clear, simple and accessible way of understanding male/female sexuality
  • deeper relaxation, a deeper trust in yourself, your body and how it functions
  • new insights into yourself, your body and your life
  • more aliveness, passion and vigour for life
  • the possibility to heal past traumas and fears associated with sex and the body
  • new insights into what you can share with your children about sexuality
  • a sense of peace that can pervade all of your life
  • simply enjoying each other more!

What actually happens


The Making Love Retreat®is a 6 day retreat for couples only, held in a specially selected and beautiful private retreat venue where you will learn and understand sexuality from a whole different perspective through teaching, simple facilitated exercises and private intimate space with your partner. Each day, you will learn more and more about the 'love keys', to connect more deeply with your partner, with yourself and your body through easy and fun experiential exercises. Each exercise, either individually or as a couple, along with the teaching, is designed to develop greater awareness and sensitivity to love. (All group sessions are fully clothed and there are no live demonstrations. This is about an approach rather than technique.) In the afternoon you will have the gift of time and space for yourselves as a couple to explore, practice and integrate the teachings in a private, safe and relaxing environment. There is time for questions and sharing in the group as well as opportunity to speak privately to Janet or Gene throughout the week if needed. Set in a beautiful sub-tropical environment, you’ll enjoy delicious and nourishing food with the time to take walks in nature.

Each day, specific meditation times are devoted to exploring the suggested 'love keys' in privacy. This essential aspect enables a couple to discover this new language through direct experience. This is not a special technique or a ritual. Simply by introducing awareness, relaxing into being and feeling, a style of sexual rapport emerges which creates love and harmony between man and woman.
— Diana Richardson, creator of The Making Love Retreat® Living Love
The Making Love Retreat

The Making Love Retreat

6 day Retreat

17th - 23rd May 2020
Sunshine Coast, Qld