As created by Diana Richardson, pioneer of the Slow Sex movement.


can transform your relationship

This retreat is described by some as
“a coming home”, “a spiritual honeymoon”,
and “a reawakening to love”. Couples feel
the impact whether they are together
for three years or thirty years.

* Please note: there is no nudity or demonstrations in this Retreat.

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The Making Love Retreat

The Making Love Retreat

6 day Retreat

28th April - 4th May 2019
Sunshine Coast, Qld

Make love your priority

Come and discover how you can
transform your experience of
relationship and intimacy.

Genuine Feedback

  • I cannot speak more highly of Janet and Gene’s Making Love Retreat that I attended with my husband in October 2016. The teachings are so simple and yet so profound. A year prior to the retreat, we had decided to separate after 17 years of marriage. Our relationship had become very stuck and toxic, which underneath was all related to a loss of loving intimacy. The retreat has completely transformed our relationship. If any of the old ways of relating come back, we simply come back to the practices from the retreat, and we instantly return to deep love, relaxation and harmony in our relationship and our family unit with our teenage sons.

    Jane Mallick
  • I was frustrated and helpless regarding sex in my marriage. Now with slow sex I feel inspired, empowered and excited to be the lover for my wife that she truly needs to find healing, ecstasy and orgasmic bliss in nurturing love. Through slow sex I can heal my pattern of feeling “not good enough’.

    Uhlrich Kuhnhardt, 44
  • I came to this retreat with few issues as, “Is this right for me”? But I am coming away with an understanding of how my wife feels towards sex, love and connections. I now also understand the process of Slow sex. Great teachers, fantastic group of people and sharing by all.

  • This week has softened me, marinated me and opened me to really connect with this beautiful man in a way that I have always wanted. The love making is a 180% shift from the unfulfilling robotic way that I was. I feel overflowing presence that has somehow taken me effortlessly to ecstatic states that I have never experienced before. This work can change the world.

    Sharon Turton
  • Humanity has done the most amazing things on the outside but has forgotten the most fundamental part - sexuality and this whole modality is a step to rediscovering what men and women can discover in love. It's a beautiful experience to share this most intimate feelings with other couples – it makes me realize I am not an Island.

    Chris, 68
  • I always felt a deep eternal bond and love for my wife, but could seldom express myself so she could feel really loved and be totally happy. Through this retreat I feel I am empowered as a man and have the tools in my hand to live a happy marriage life full of joy, good sex, open free communication about my feelings and deep spiritual experiences.

    Male, 59
  • The time spent at this retreat has revitalized, refreshed and renewed our relationship with each other and ourselves more deeply than we could ever have imagined. Janet & Gene have created a beautiful environment to share their wisdom with tenderness and care, and embraced us with love every step of the way. Heartfelt Gratitude.

  • I now have a sense of optimism in myself, my wife and our relationship (something in short supply in recent times) and I am now relating rather than preparing to defend. It has been a delightful and profoundly moving experience. The life changer I/we have been looking for. A jewel. Thanks for it all.

  • We came to celebrate our 30 years of marriage and finished the week feeling as though we are more than ready for the next 30, loving and making love in a way that brings us closer together than ever before.

  • I came to the Retreat with a huge amount of fear that made it really hard to open my heart to my partner. The sacred space provided allowed us to explore this deeply, compassionately and with great empathy for one another. Our connection is now the purest and strongest it has ever been.


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