As created by Diana Richardson, pioneer of the Slow Sex movement.

Excuse me God, um... I'm supposed to be a tantric goddess?!

Excuse me God, um... I'm supposed to be a tantric goddess?!

When you are a tired and busy mum, who gets time for intimacy?

As a Mum and now Grandmother, I can totally relate.

Around the time of the book launch of Tantric Sex and Menopause, I babysat my two adorable grand girls quite a lot, aged 2 and 3. Yep, young ones...

And I had them overnight for the first time. And since, many times...

well... any parent or grand parent will know ...

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Womb Wilderness to Womb Wildness

A reading from Tantric Sex and Menopause.

EMBODIMENT: From Womb Wilderness to Womb Wildness
Many women have little to no awareness of the womb, this miraculous life giving uterus with its capactiy to hold space for an embryo. It is said for it's size, it is pound for pound the strongest muscle in the female body. A small facinating organ tucked up safetly in the pelvis.

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Going WILD...

A reading from Tantric Sex and Menopause. CHAPTER 8: Going Deep, Going Slow, Going Wild

Many menopausal women and peri-menopausal women feel such a lack of desire for sex that they feel totally disheartened (not all women, it just depends on our make up). They concerned they are not living up to the image that a sexy and alive woman should feel like.  Let's talk more about going wild...

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Your body is not broken...

Your body is not broken...  A reading from Tantric Sex and Menopause.

Your body is not broken, as each woman's journey through menopause is individual - it is impossible to make all embracing statements about it. At the same time, women share in common many highly significant aspects of menopause - so sharing information with others can really empower women through this time.

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Tantric Sex and Menopause... it's here!

Diana Richardson and I are overwhelmed with joy... Tantric Sex and Menopause available for purchase! It's been a great first week: hitting Amazon Kindle Best Seller status in Australia, and #1 in Kindle Canada's Menopause category.

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