As created by Diana Richardson, pioneer of the Slow Sex movement.

We are deeply humbled and excited to bring this work to Australia.

Janet McgeeverGene Thompson

Hi, we are Janet McGeever and Gene Thompson.

For a combined fifty years, we’ve helped hundreds of people through our one to one sessions and workshops. For the last 7 years, we have been running retreats for couples and have taught The Making Love Retreat for 5 years in Australia. 

Gene became a marriage counsellor in the late 70’s and opened a counselling and life education centre in the 80’s. Gene has been inspired to write the Six Initiatives for Men, a small but powerful book that is free online (see below) and supports men to improve their relationships with women, based on The Making Love Retreat teachings. 

Janet has worked with women for over 20 years, is co-author of Tantric Sex and Menopause - Practices for Spirtual and Sexual Renewal, co-written with her teacher and mentor, Diana Richardson. She runs workshops and retreats for women and is a mentor for women and couples. She is a speaker, and has given a TEDx talk in Noosa in 2013, based on the teachings of The Making Love Retreat. You can view her talk here.

We have deeply explored the areas of relationship, in particular in the area of lovemaking, in both our personal and professional lives and are passionate about educating and facilitating women and men to create meaningful and loving relationships. 

We have attended The Making Love Retreat with our teachers and originators of the retreat, Diana and Michael Richardson many times in Switzerland. When we experienced this retreat firsthand, we were blown away by the deep love, transformation and healing that became available to us. Our reaction was 'the world needs to know about this work. This is the beginning of world peace!' Maybe a bit far fetched for some, but we believe that if you create peace within the self and thus peace within the couple, you create peace within the family and this can only flow out into the community.

We experienced being in relationship together for 8 years and have taught the retreat since 2012. While we have chosen to follow different paths in our personal relationship, we choose to continue to teach this retreat together as we feel it is so important for men and women. We, to this day, care for each other deeply, and continue to be in regular contact as we are both committed to support each other personally and professionally.

Here's what one participant said:-

"I cannot speak more highly of Janet and Gene’s Making Love Retreat that I attended with my husband in October 2016.  The teachings are so simple and yet so profound. A year prior to the retreat, we had decided to separate after 17 years of marriage. Our relationship had become very stuck and toxic, which underneath was all related to a loss of loving intimacy. The retreat has completely transformed our relationship.  If any of the old ways of relating come back, we simple come back to the practices from the retreat, and we instantly return to deep love, relaxation and harmony in our relationship and our family unit with our teenage sons." Jane Mallick, PhD Yoga Teacher and Coach

The Making Love Retreat is simple, profound and transformational. We have come from centuries of conditioning around sex, and generally conventional sex only widens the gap between men and women. This retreat will help you both create common ground for intimacy that you can return to again and again.

So, it is a true honour and privilege for us to be the only authorised Australian teachers of The Making Love Retreat®—this weeklong immersion into helping couples change the way they make love.

For more about us go to and (Gene's book Six Initiatives for Men is available to read free online here)

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If you have any further questions about the retreat please email janet directly on or call 0428 726 849 if you would like more information. For private mentoring contact her here.


What is taught in the Making Love Retreat is nothing short of life changing.


Join us for this transformational week

The Making Love Retreat

The Making Love Retreat

6 day Retreat

17th - 23rd May 2020
Sunshine Coast, Qld