As created by Diana Richardson, pioneer of the Slow Sex movement.

I am deeply humbled to bring this work to Australia.

Janet Mcgeever

Hi, I'm Janet McGeever.

Life has handed me an unexpected gift - since 2009 I've had the privilege of teaching Tantra. Never on this earth as a dedicated catholic girl in the 60's and 70's could I have ever imagined that my profession would involve sex education!

In my experience, however, Tantra is the ultimate ‘undoing’. What we teach here is a simple, loving and natural approach to intimate relationships. You're taught how to engage with your heart and body to bring about a level of presence and awareness that simply can't be found in the mind. No matter your struggles this is a teaching that brings you back to your very essence, where the extraordinary is found in the ordinary. Through this path, I have found a way to come home to and awaken the woman within. And I want this for every man and every woman.

As an educator, speaker, psychotherapist and author, I am passionate about educating and facilitating women and men to create meaningful and loving relationships in their lives. I am known for my ability to create a safe space for my clients and participants, especially in the sensitive realm of sexuality. I have facilitated the Making Love Retreat since 2012 and plan to do this important work for many years to come. Based on feedback from the couples who've attended, I think of it as a calling.

I have co-authored Tantric Sex and Menopause - Practices for Spirtual and Sexual Renewal with Diana Richardson, pioneer of the Slow Sex movement and creator of this retreat. She is someone I greatly admire and who has taught me a lot. Our book was released in April 2018. It has been translated into German and Czech and soon to be in Spanish and French.

As a keynote speaker in the Health and Wellness Industry, I was given the opportunity to present a talk about 'Making Love' at TEDx Noosa in 2013. It was considered somewhat controversial at the time but as many would agree, very necessary, you can view it here.

I have worked as a psychotherapist for 20 years, trained in Experiential and Creative Arts Therapy, which gave me a very good grounding in teaching this retreat as the training was very much somatically based - that is, 'through the body', bringing acute awareness and sensitivity to the body and being and working in very subtle ways, to invite change.

I've studied under Brandon Bays, originator of The Journey Method for 20 years, a profound healing modality that supports indiviudals with emotional and physical issues.

But that's all the official stuff. Basically I am pretty much just like you- in search of answers, a seeker of Truth. I'm 60 years old. I've lived. And I'm a Mum and Grandmother, so I have washed dishes, changed nappies and now I'm doing it all over again!  Well no more nappies, my (grand) 'girls' are now 5 and 7 years old. I'm a real person. I hurt. I get angry. I love deeply and am profoundly touched by the men and women who come to me for one on one private work or the retreats. I think it is the greatest privilege to be entrusted to support others and witness their wonderment, their tender vulnerability and opening heart with the most intimate and confronting of things - sexuality.

And I've been there too. I've been vulnerable, been to places that were not easy places to be. But I've come through. And if you choose to join me, I'd be honoured and humbled to support you on this Retreat journey.

I am also assisted by Jodie White, who has assisted at The Making Love Retreat for the past 7 years. Her dedication to this retreat is second to none. Her sensitivity to the group is profound and I am so grateful she is by my side.

A message from Diana:-
"Having first met Janet as a student in 2008, it is a great honour to have her as an authorised teacher of the Making Love Retreat in Australia."

"I have absolute faith in Janet's capacity and ability to facilitate, guide and transmit the information of this retreat to both genders. Having first met Janet as a student in 2008, we then became close friends, which led us to co-authoring a book on Tantric Sex and Menopause. It was in the process of this collaboration, that I came to deeply respect her insight and awareness of the subject that we both passionately teach. I could see through her contribution, that, like me, her own personal experiences had given rise to profound insights into sex, from both the male and female perspectives.

Janet is a person of exceptional understanding and compassion, and our connection and exchange over the years has been both personally and professionally very enriching for me.

In Europe this retreat has been running since 1993, with a steadily increasing number of participants - all report positive benefits to their love relationship. I hope that all Australians and those from nearby nations take advantage of this retreat being offered in Australia and facilitated by such a dedicated teacher of my work."

Diana Richardson, Creator of The Making Love Retreat


Gene Thompson

Here now I acknowledge the profound contribution that Gene Thompson has made to The Making Love Retreat in helping to bring it to Australia. We have taught together since 2009 and as of the end of 2019, Gene is stepping back and retiring from teaching the retreat. He offers his love and blessings for me to carry the torch now as he cares for his many business interests and passion for HeartMath. He may come as guest at times to share HeartMath, a simple yet profound technique to stabilise the nervous system and support emotions.

Gene is author of Six Initiatives for Men, a small but powerful book I suggest everyone read, that is free online here and supports men to improve their relationships with women, based on The Making Love Retreat teachings.

In the 8 years we were together, we deeply explored the area of relationship, in particular in the area of lovemaking. We are both passionate in supporting others.

During our time together, we attended The Making Love Retreat with our teachers and originators of the retreat, Diana and Michael Richardson many times in Switzerland. When we experienced this retreat firsthand, we were blown away by the deep love, transformation and healing that became available to us.

My reaction was 'the world needs to know about this work. This is the beginning of world peace!' Maybe a bit far fetched for some, but I believe that if you create peace within the self and thus peace within the couple, you create peace within the family and this can only flow out into the community.

We, to this day, care for each other deeply, and continue to be in regular contact as we are both committed to support each other personally and professionally.



The Making Love Retreat is simple, profound and transformational.

We have come from centuries of conditioning around sex, and generally conventional sex only widens the gap between men and women.

This retreat will help you both create common ground for intimacy that you can return to again and again.


Here's what one participant said:-

"The Making Love Retreat is so much more than making love - It is essential deep relationship work that would be of benefit to any couple wanting to deepen their relationship. In addition to that, the deep personal transformation that unfolds is breathtaking. The sharing that occurs and the relationships that develop with other couples is also truly beautiful. It would open the hearts of most people. The location of the event is pure magic and the attention to detail by Janet and Jodie was exceptional and an illustration of their love and passion. I initially felt the retreat was quite pricey, but after attending felt it was incredible value for money and worth so much more than what we actually paid. I'm more patient, accepting, tolerant and compassionate and more in love and understanding of my wife. I would absolutely recommend the MLR to any couple wishing to grow and flourish."
- Male, 41

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What is taught in the Making Love Retreat is nothing short of life changing.


Join me for this transformational week